Young Children (0 – 5 years)

Resources for environmentally Sustainable Early Childhood Centres

Just with any business, Children’s Services Centres can impact on the environment from dirty nappies to power usage, to paint being poured down the sink. Use these resources to help your childcare centre or preschool become more environmentally aware

Little Green Steps is a project that helps Early childhood centres such as childcare and preschools help lessen their effect on the environment. The project has been quite successful in NSW. You can implement this project in your childcare or preschool.

Eenee Eco Nappies Have these environmentally friendly nappies in your stash. They also provide other incontinence produces for children as well

Environmental Experiences in Child Care: This short document is a handy resources outlining  the benefits of children’s services that take an active role in caring for our environment

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