The Un-Junk Competition is being featured at the Sustainable Living Festival, Sunday 12 November 2017

Un-Junk is an Upcycle/Recycle Art competition that aims to get people thinking about resources and sustainability at the same time as creating some awesome pieces of art. Un-Junk is run by the Gawler Regional Natural Resource Centre Inc (GRNRC), and artworks will be displayed, judged and prizes awarded at the Sustainable Living Festival, Sunday 12 November 2017. Un-Junk is open to all ages, and works can be entered by individuals or groups. All forms of upcycled/recycled art and creations are welcome including: sculptures; 2D posters/collages; wearable art; functional art and educational art. Entries must be brought to Pioneer Park before 10am on the day of the Festival. If delivery on the day of the festival is not possible please contact the GRNRC to make arrangements.

Why Un-Junk?     Reduce → Reuse → Repair → Recycle

Sustainable living involves being aware of resource consumption and waste management. By using discarded materials to create art, Un-Junk hopes to encourage Reduced consumption of new materials and inspire people to think about ways in which “rubbish” can be viewed as an environmentally useful resource just waiting to be Reused, Repaired and Recycled.

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