Native Plants of the Gawler Region: Photo Competition & Exhibition

Image: Chloe Congram

Gawler Environment Centre is hosting a photo competition in the lead up to Nature Festival 2024, culminating in an exhibition opening and prize presentation during the festival on Sat 28 September. Get out and about in the awe inspiring environments of the Gawler region between July 6-Sept 12 and snap your favourite natives to be in the running! Get creative and go macro for petals and stamens or think big with stately trees!

In the months preceding the competition due date, candidates are encouraged to take photographs of native flora around the Gawler, Barossa and Lower North regions. These photos will be submitted for review by a panel of judges. There are categories for flowering and non-flowering plants, and for adults and children.

Flowering Native Plant (12 & under)
Flowering Native Plant (13-17)  
Flowering Native Plant (18+)
Non-flowering Native Plant (12 & under)
Non-flowering Native Plant (13-17)
Non-flowering Native Plant (18+)  

– We are encouraging people to get out and about in nature to take photos for this competition. As such we are seeking photos taken between July 6 and Sept 12 2024.
– Candidates must present their own photo, not one taken by someone else.
– Photos to be taken in the Gawler, Barossa or Lower North regions. 
– Only three entries per person per category.
– Entrants consent to their photo being displayed in an exhibition as part of Nature Festival 2024.
– Photos will be accepted in hard copy only.  
– Please print photos no smaller than 6×4 and no larger than A4. 
– For display purposes each photo must be mounted on card with a border of no more than 1cm.  
– Entrants must complete the entry form below, and attach one of the labels from the form to the back of each entry. 
– Photos and forms are to be submitted to the GEC office at 8 Main North Rd, Gawler.
– GEC may request a digital copy for identification and promotional uses. The photographer will be cited accordingly and will maintain copyright.  

Need some photography tips?
Join our Gawler Nature Photo Walk with Inspire Me Photography

Need some tips before heading out to take your snaps? Join Viviana Diaz from Inspire Me Photography on a wander through Dead Man’s Pass, where she will provide some advice on photographing native plants, and help you get the best out of your camera.
Date: Sat 17 August 2024
Time: 2pm-3.30pm
Further information:

Entries Open: July 6 2024
Entries Close: September 12 2024
Photography workshop: Sat 17 August 2024, 2pm
Exhibition Opening & Prize Presentation: Sat September 28 2024 10am – 12pm, at Gawler Environment Centre, 8 Main North Rd Gawler.
Exhibition: 30 Sept – 24 Oct, Mon-Thu 9.30am-4pm.

Gawler Repair Café, Sat 17 August 2024

Date: Sat 17 August 2024
Time: 9.30am-12.00pm
New Location: Gawler Elderly Centre, 37 Fourteenth St, Gawler South
Bookings: No bookings required, just drop in

Repair Cafes provide a free meeting space where community members can work with skilled volunteers to repair items that would otherwise go to waste. Our volunteers have skills in mending (clothing & textiles), electrical repairs (small appliances), costume jewellery repairs, general repairs (mechanical/woodwork) and simple bike repairs. Services are provided free of charge but customers can choose to make a small donation to support the service if they wish.

Most attendees get to see a repairer straight away but coffee, tea and cake are provided to keep you occupied if you do need to wait.

Dates for the rest of the year:
Sat 19 Oct 2024
Sat 14 Dec 2024

How it all Works

– The repair café philosophy is to teach people how to undertake the repair themselves if possible. For that reason we ask that attendees sit with the repairer while the repair is taking place, so they can observe the process and have a go at it themselves.
– All repairs are conducted at the discretion of the repairer; if the repairer isn’t comfortable with conducting the repair, it won’t be undertaken. Items must be in a clean condition for repairers to examine them, textile items must be washed before you bring them in.
– There are some items it isn’t possible to repair at the café e.g. microwave ovens and TVs retain charge and it is dangerous to attempt to repair them. Anything containing dangerous substances such as asbestos and lead is also out. We are unable to do repairs that require larger “shed” type equipment e.g. welding. And some items are too tricky to take apart and put back together again, like toasters, sound systems, and of course computers.
– Repairers will fix one item per attendee. If there is time they may be able to look at a second item for you, but this will depend on whether others are waiting.
– For clothing and textiles we do mending/repairs not alterations. E.g. we can help you darn a hole in a jumper, or repair a rip in a pair of trousers. If you have items of clothing that need to be taken up or in, that is a job for a professional alterations service. We are also unable to make items of clothing.
– Our repairers are skilled volunteers. They will try their best to fix your item but there are no guarantees.

If you would like any further information, or if you are interested in becoming a Repair Café volunteer, please contact GEC Coordinator Kathy on 8524 6265 or

Gawler Environment Centre is grateful for the support provided to this project by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science through the Communities Environment Program. 

Repair Cafe List: Adelaide and Surrounds

Too far to travel to Gawler? There might be a repair cafe closer to you. Check out the list for Adelaide and surrounding areas on the Adelaide Sustainability Centre website:

Understorey Project

2024 Sales Open Now!

From April to Sept each year the Gawler Environment Centre and Gawler Environment and Heritage Association (GEHA) team up to bring residents of Gawler and surrounding areas the opportunity to purchase cheap locally indigenous plants. The Understorey Project aims to increase biodiversity in our region by encouraging communities to cultivate a variety of local plants, including all ecosystem elements. 

Please be aware that orders are to be picked up from the Gawler Environment & Heritage Association nursery. (Other arrangements may be possible, but will involve an additional fee. Please contact us to discuss alternative arrangements before you place an order). 

*If you want to place a large order, e.g. more than 20 of 1 species or more than 200 in total, please ring Adrian  at the GEHA nursery on 0429004363 to check availability. We only have large numbers of a few species.*

Early orders should be available in late May and then after that up to two weeks from ordering to collection so please don’t worry if you don’t hear back from us straight away. If you require your order in less time, please advise us when placing your order. Some plants, especially a few of the native daisies, only germinate in mid autumn so there may be a bit longer wait. This will be advised when the order is received.  

If you have any enquiries about the plants, please contact Adrian on 0429 004 363 or

If you are interested in smaller herbs and grasses there a quite a few more species available; Adrian can provide you with further information.

We have made two short films for this project:
The Understorey Project: Whats it all about?
How to plant and care for your native garden

Orders for the 2024 Understorey Proejct are now open!

How to place an order – read the instructions at 1, 2 & 3 below and then click on the Understorey Project Shop link a the bottom of the page. 

1. Decide if you want to order a mixed box or a custom box
Note: Orders must be in quantities of 20 or 50 plants

Mixed Box: $25 for 20 plants or $62.50 for 50 plants
What is a mixed box? A mixed box will contain species specifically suited to the area you live in. The species in this box will be chosen by the nursery and may contain 3 of one species if thought appropriate ie. grasses are more practical in clumps of 3 or more. This box is great if you are unsure of what to plant, have limited knowledge on what species are specific to your area or if you just want someone else to do the choosing for you.

There are four mixed box options:

  1. Mixed box (standard)
  2. Mixed box with trees (you will get one or more trees with your order)
  3. Mixed box of butterfly attracting plants (an assortment of shrubs and smaller plants which are food source for butterflies)
  4. Mixed box of native bee attracting plants (these are flowering plants of all sizes, please advise in the ORDER NOTES section if you want trees and shrubs included in your order)

If you have specific requests about the type of plants you want/don’t want in your order you can include this in the ORDER NOTES section on the Billing Information page.

Custom Box Cost: $30 for 20 plants or $75 for 50 plants
What is a custom box? A custom box allows you to make up your own order from the plants available. We advise creating orders with at least 6 different species and multiples of these ie. grasses are more practical in clumps of 3 or more. This box is great if you know which plants are specific for your area and you know what you want to grow in your garden. Note: Depending on availability of some species we may need to supply a suitable replacement.

2. Placing your order

To order a mixed box:

Select option 7 ‘Mixed Box’ and choose a box(es) of 20 or 50 with trees, without trees, butterfly attracting or native bee attracting.

To order a custom box:

  1. Look at the map below to find out the vegetation association that you live in
  2. Select option 1-6 depending on the area you live in. eg if the map below identifies you as living in the coastal area then select option 2
  3. Select the plants you wish to make up your custom box

Look at the map below to find which vegetation association you live in. This will help you choose appropriate plants when ordering.

Click here for an enlarged Vegetation Associations Map

Note: Some of the species listed will be in limited numbers and orders may need to be varied.  We suggest planting at least 2 or 3 plants for smaller species which will produce better results.  It makes the plants easy to identify & covers possible loss of a plant.  Garden designers will say it usually produces better design effects. If you want to order large numbers of one or a small number of species – we recommend giving Adrian at Gawler Environment and Heritage Association a call (0429004363).

The information supplied about plants for butterfly and caterpillar use is not complete. Check before eating or using anything. Additional information will be added as available. 

For a full list of available plants for the 2024 Understorey Project, click HERE.

To order your plants, click the button below:





ONLY 5-10% of your order may be made up of TREES (including small, medium and large) eg. In a box of 20 plants 1 or 2 of the plants may be a tree species.

ONLY 10% of your order may be made up of MEDIUM/TALL SHRUBS eg. In a box of 20 plants only 2 of the plants may be medium or tall shrub species. The exception to this is if you are in the Adelaide Plains woodland association where we will provide a higher percentage of shrubs.