Kid Stuff!

Animal Relocation and Education


Simon, a snake expert from A.R.E will be at the Sustainable Living Festival this year with his scaly friends. The kids will love patting a lizard or a crocodile and will maybe even want to hold a snake! Simon has a wealth of knowledge about reptiles and keeps the children entertained while they learn. Fun and educational!

Mobile Junk and Nature Playground


The outdoors has something more to offer than just physical benefits. Cognitive and social/emotional development are impacted, too. Outside, children are more likely to invent games. As they do, they’re able to express themselves and learn about the world in their own way. They feel safe and in control, which promotes autonomy, decision-making, and organizational skills. Children will be delighted with the Mobile Junk and Nature Playground at the festival. A playground built and designed by kids, for kids!

Un-JuNk workshop


Come make something crafty and fun out of piece of junk that would otherwise be thrown away into landfill or be sent away for recycling. The Un-JuNk area will be open all day and run by our wonderful volunteers. Create something cool to take home!

Hungry? We have you covered!

Alchemy Café will be serving hot coffee, raw, vegan and vegetarian food


Rotary Club of Gawler Light will be offering a gourmet BBQ

Ruby’s Home Baked Cakes & Cookies will keep your sweet tooth happy

Transition Gawler will keep you hydrated with homemade iced tea

Salvage and Save/Finding Workable Solutions


Salvage & Save/Finding Workable Solutions recycles donated and salvaged goods and sells them back into the community, by way of a low cost retail shop located at Waste Transfer Stations. The salvage shop offers a wide range of second hand items such as:
electrical goods, furniture, building materials, white goods, garden equipment, bric-a-brac and collectable and retro items.

Check out their new Wicking Beds at the festival!

Footeside Farm


At Footeside Farm, they specialise in Australian Native Food Plants. From the selection of semi-arid plants grown, harvested processed and packaged they have developed a range of ready to use, fine quality native Australian food products.

Visits and tours are welcomed and catered to the interests and needs of each group and can include paddock tours, harvesting, processing, information session, tastings and cooking classes.

Wrappa Bees


Wrappa Bees are a fun, funky and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wrap!

Handcrafted in South Australia using 100% cotton, local filtered bees wax, tree resin and jojoba oil, these stunning food wraps are a must for every household.

Wrap your fruit and veggies in the fridge. Cover your block of cheese. Wrap up the kid’s sandwiches. Cover your salad bowls. Use to stop your cutting board from slipping on the bench. Roll pastry or dough on top of them. Make fun little snack bags with the kids!

Earth & Fire


Earth & Fire are generous sponsors of our Sustainable Living Festival. At Earth & Fire you will find products that are made with heart, soul and integrity. This quaint little shop on the main street of Woodside, in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, offers something to discover for everyone – that unusual or beautiful gift for someone special, beautiful handmade candles and incense, local craft, handmade jewellery, practical and environmentally friendly household items, Neoflam healthy non-stick cookware, glass water bottles, organic and fairtrade teas, foods, herbs and spices and healthfood items, locally grown produce that is chemical free, health books, inspirational books, CDs and DVDs, Native American craft, Native American drums and flutes, ceremonial herbs, Native American music CDs (Canyon Records), beads, quality essential oils, himalayan salt lamps and tealights, natural soaps and creams, Shungite products and Orgonites, EMF shields, locally made handmade paper, art and perhaps a connection with the health or spiritual practitioner you were looking for, or a workshop or community group.

Make sure you have time up your sleeve to take a good look around as there are little gems waiting for you to discover and there is so much to look at!  And while you are in Woodside, come and enjoy the wonderful cafes, eateries and interesting shops that Woodside has to offer. Kathryn and Juliana are passionate about living Life to our greatest capacity by being respectful to the Earth and all those living on her and beyond. Thank you to Earth & Fire for being a major sponsor of the Sustainable Living Festival.

House of Bales


House of Bales will be doing a demonstration at this year’s Sustainable Living Festival!!! Come and learn about natural render and ask experienced strawbale practitioners questions.

Permaculture SA


Permaculture SA will be demonstrating permaculture’s practical local solutions to global problems. A suburban permaculture garden can be a highly productive edible landscape including vegetables, fruit trees, poultry, small scale aquaculture, recycling and composting systems, worm farming, along with spaces for entertainment and relaxation. At the core of Permaculture are the ethics of Care for the Earth, Care of People, Limiting Consumption, and Fair Distribution of Resources.

Smithfield Memorial Park – Natural Burials

Despite huge advances in modern medicine the mortality rate continues to be 100%.
In our age of sustainable living people are beginning to explore sustainable dying.
How can you make your last act on earth make a difference to the planet?

When it comes to funerals we think we have just two options: coffin burial or cremation.
Most people don’t know Natural Burials exist and if they do, are not sure on the details.
Natural burials offer the community a sustainable final resting place that is a joy to visit ensure minimal disturbance to and longevity for the natural bushland environment mean no headstone, no embalming, no coffin, and no ‘six feet under’ encourage the family to have a more hands-on role. Known as ‘Pilyu Yarta’ – the Kaurna term for “peaceful ground” – the process sees people interred in a biodegradable casket, or shroud, with their remains returning to the earth naturally. Smithfield Memorial Park will be presenting a talk that will cover the process, law, history and environmental impact of Natural Burials in South Australia. It will also engage your imagination about what is possible to express your sustainability values in both life and death.

More stallholder info coming soon!

Electric Vehicle Association

Fifth Element

Fitzy’s native plants

Lightfoot Ecostore

Living Smart

NRC upcyclers shop

Spirit & Matter

Sustainability House

Transition Gawler

Un-JuNk community sculpture

Upcycled furniture

Waking Up Wellbeing

Some of our wonderful sponsors

Gawler Books


GENEROUS SPONSOR OF OUR SUSTAINABLE LIVING FESTIVAL!  Need a book in Gawler? Gawler books is a treasure trove of second hand discoveries. Have you been searching for a particular book? Gawler books has hard to find and out of print books! And they also have all the new books you could ever need. Support our local businesses that support us! Wonderful, knowledgeable and fantastically generous owner of Gawler Books, has sponsored our Sustainable Living Festival with $700 worth of prizes for our raffle and competitions!!!

The Atherton Farms


The Atherton Farms aim has always been to be self-sufficient, but in a way that is both environmentally sustainable and that matches their particular ethical/moral barometer. In the process, they’ve experienced first-hand the joy you get from raising happy, healthy animals, and the subsequent satisfaction from knowing they are slaughtered and processed humanely. The Atherton Farms sell their fantastic produce to the public at farmers markets around Adelaide. Their website is home to an entertaining and informative blog about the trials and tribulations of self-sufficiency and their Facebook page will tell you where and when you can get your hands on their products. The Atherton Farms are donating produce for the cooking demonstration with Simon Bryant!