Please note: The project is aimed at revegetating the understorey, therefore only 5% of your order may be made up of trees (including small, medium and large) eg. In a box of 20 plants 1 of the plants may be a tree species.

Common name: Inland SA Blue gum
Height: 5 – 15m
Width: 4- 10m canopy

Description: Medium sized tree with white/grey trunk above lower trunk bark.  Juvenile leaves are quite blue then turning greener. Cream flowers usually in spring. Grey fruits.

Growing and distribution: Rainfall between 400-600mm usually.  Generally north of North Para/Gawler.

Beneficial Attributes: Aboriginal people collect leaves for steam baths to heal various illnesses. Gum used to seal burns and cuts. Bark fibre used to make string. Seeds and sap are eaten.  Butterfly nectar food plant. Attracts birds.

Specific location issues: Rain 400-600, North of Gawler.

Note: Plant suitable in Grassy woodlands (<450-500mm rainfall) with good care.