Please note: The project is aimed at revegetating the understorey, therefore only 10% of your order may be made up of medium/tall shrubs eg. In a box of 20 plants only 2 of the plants may be shrub species. Except in Mallee Plains 25% medium/tall shrubs is allowed.

Common name: Sticky hop bush
Height: 1.5-2m
Width: 1-1.5m

Description: Upright shrub with green leaves which are brighter when fresh. Inconspicuous flowers in spring. Fruit is bright reddish green to brown and very showy for a few weeks.

Growing and distribution: Occurring with 400mmm plus rainfall. Adapted to most soil types. Grows in open and shady sites.

Beneficial attributes: Caterpillar and nectar food plant.

Specific location issues: rain>425.

Note: Plant suitable in Mallee plains Grassy woodlands (<450-500mm rainfall) with good care.