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Please note: The project is aimed at revegetating the understorey, therefore only 10% of your order may be made up of medium/tall shrubs eg. In a box of 20 plants only 2 of the plants may be shrub species. Except in Mallee Plains 25% medium/tall shrubs is allowed.

Common name: River bottle brush
Height: 1.5-2.5m
Width: 1-1.5m

Description: Shrub with narrow bright green leaves. Clusters of cream or sometimes pinkish flowers.

Growing and distribution: Naturally only grows in wet creeklines but will grow in a range of soils with sufficient water.

Beneficial Attributes: Butterfly nectar food plant. Provides habitat for foraging birds

Specific location issues: rain>500.

Note: Plant suitable in Grassy woodlands (>450-500mm rainfall) with good care.