Congratulations to the winners in the Creatures and Critters Photo Competition, please see a full list below. The exhibition has now finished and entrants can collect their photos from the GEC office, which is usually open Tue-Thu 9am-4pm, but please ring in advance on 8115 4620 just to make sure.

People’s Choice

1st Guy Draper ‘Brown Falcon’

2nd John Giddens ‘Kookaburra’

1st Judith Fabry ‘Inch Ant’|
2nd Belinda Copland ‘Antlion’
3rd Lauren Copland ‘White Banded Bees’

1st Guy Draper ‘Rainbow Bee-eater’
2nd Gunther Frensch ‘Crescent Honeyeater’
3rd Guy Draper ‘Brown Falcon’

1st Adrian Shackley ‘Bearded Dragon’
2nd Tony Sacree ‘Bearded Dragon’
3rd Belinda Copland ‘Limnodynastes dumerilii’


13 and Under
1st Zoe Clonen ‘Kangaroos’
2nd Jackson Knott ‘Echidna’
3rd none awarded

1st Jackson Knott ‘Ants’
2nd Jackson Knott ‘Donovan’s Day Moth’
3rd Jackson Knott ‘Spider’

1st Abigail Sharp ‘Tawny Dragon’
2nd Abigail Sharp ‘Tawny Dragon’
3rd Jackson Knott ‘Eastern Blue Tongue’


14 – 17 years
1st James Bubner ‘New Holland Honeyeater’
2nd James Bubner ‘Superb Fairy Wren’
3rd James Bubner ‘Western Kangaroo’

1st James Bubner ‘Fly’
No 2nd or 3rd prizes due to lack of entries

No prizes awarded due to lack of entries

The Gawler Environment Centre and the Gawler Environment and Heritage Association are proud to present the 2019 Photography Competition, with the theme “Native Creatures and Critters from Gawler, Barossa & Lower North Regions.” The categories include invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians, and native birds and mammals in the age divisions of 13 years and under; 14 to 17 years; and over 18 years.