Gawler Environment and Heritage Association
GEHA actively campaigns and undertakes projects which concern environment and heritage issues in Gawler and surrounding areas. They are currently engaged in re-vegetation and restoration projects, inventory of flora and fauna, and the historic Gawler database project. GEHA promotes biodiversity in gardens, blocks, and farms as well as sustainable approaches to development.  

Frog Watch SA
Frog Watch SA is a community based program which is designed to help monitor and record the South Australian frog population through the use of citizen scientists. It follows on from the EPA frog census which began in 1994 and was South Australia’s first major ongoing frog survey.

Frogs in SA

This link provides detailed information about the different species of frog which can be found in South Australia. It includes recordings of the sounds they make, images of what they look like, and maps showing where they are usually found. This link is helpful for the citizen scientists participating in Frog Watch SA.

The Department for Environment and Water
The Department for Environment and Water aims to help South Australians conserve, sustain, and prosper. DEW seeks to:

  • take action to address and adapt to our changing climate
  • sustain the natural resources of our state
  • connect people to nature, parks, and places
  • manage water for the future

Weeds in South Australia
This page provides information about declared pest plants in South Australia. These declared pest plants pose a significant risk to agricultural land, the natural environment, and public health and safety. This page includes information about how members of the public can help combat weeds. Each weed has a detailed profile, which includes photographs, common names, scientific names, places of origin, and reasons why they are declared. 

Trees for Life
Trees for Life has provided re-vegetation, conservation, and restoration services for landholders and the broader community since 1981. During this time, around 4,000 hectares of bushland has been protected spanning 300 sites. Trees for Life have grown roughly 35 million trees across South Australia. This work is crucial because in some parts of South Australia, only 5% of the original vegetation remains. You can help to undo this damage by joining, volunteering, and donating. 
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State Flora
State Flora are suppliers of a wide range of native plants, including trees, shrubs, ground covers, climbers, grasses, bulbs, lilies, and aquatic, creek, and river plants. They have nurseries at Belair and Murray Bridge. State Flora’s first nursery was established at Belair in 1886 by the South Australian Government. It has been running continuously ever since.  

Department of the Environment and Energy
Department of the Environment and Energy provides information to help make households more energy efficient. It includes in depth information about heating and cooling, hot water systems, solar power, lighting, appliances, water efficiency, and waste management. Handy tips are provided in each section along with useful resources making it easy for people to adapt their way of living to be more energy efficient. 

The Food Forest
The Food Forest is a permaculture farm in Gawler which produces around 160 varieties of organically certified food. They regularly run short courses on a range of sustainable living subjects from Straw Bale Building to Free Range Poultry. The website includes fact sheets about property design, irrigation, building with straw bales, planning your house, food preservation, and animals. There are also links to educational videos on YouTube. 

Ecolateral is a one stop shop which provides a diverse range of environmentally friendly products. They aim to encourage consumers to take greater care of the environment through their product choices. Products are carefully chosen to ensure that they are both sustainable and suitable for today’s modern living. 

Living with Wildlife
Provides information about Australia’s venomous snakes. Living with Wildlife run Snake Awareness and Snake Handling workshops. 

Tanunda Venom Supplies
Tanunda Venom Supplies primary function is the production of venom and purified venom toxins. They specialise in Australian snakes but produce venom for over 500 snakes around the world. Apart from snakes, Tanunda Venom Supplies also produce spider and bee venom. Their website includes educational links about toxicity and dangerous snakes in South Australia. 

Transition Gawler
Transition Gawler is a small community group that aims to find environmentally friendly solutions for the Gawler area. The groups focuses on bringing the community together while working to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Transition Gawler is a collection of volunteers and a small steering committee which comes together to work on projects. 

Fauna Rescue of South Australia
Gives helpful advice for people who have found injured or orphaned fauna and need to know what to do next. It includes information about kangaroos, koalas, possums, lizards, and birds. Fauna Rescue of South Australia provides information about becoming a member, a volunteer, or a trainee carer.