simon-bryant-imageCooking Demonstration with Chef Simon Bryant

12pm – 1pm

After leaving school and completing a four year indentureship in motor mechanics. Simon returned to Uni to undertake a Bachelor of Economics. While studying he worked part time in the University kitchen where he found a new calling as a chef.

His 25 year career includes cooking in Thai, Indian and award winning fine dining restaurants, as well as a one year stretch as a butcher. He became Hilton Adelaide’s Executive Chef in 2003, a role he undertook for seven years. Simon has cooked both in Melbourne and Adelaide followed by various promotional stints in Russia, USA, Japan, China and Singapore.

From 2006-2009 he co-hosted 152 episodes of ABC Television’s “The Cook and The Chef” with South Australian Maggie Beer.

He is the author of Vegies and the newly released Vegetables, Grains and other good stuff published by Penguin Lantern, with both books including a collection of seasonal vegetarian recipes.

In 2014 Simon was appointed as Co-Creative Director for Tasting Australia- Australia’s premium Food and Wine Festival. This year saw the festival become an annual event with Simon continuing in his role. Next year Simon will take on the role of festival Director for Tasting Adelaide.

He is also a providore of single origin, traceable, non GM, Australian foods with his brand dirt(y): and a semi-competent organic home veggie gardener.

Simon strongly believes in using his profile to highlight ethical food issues, including paying fair prices to producers for ethically produced food; using local seasonal fresh ingredients with minimal environmental impact; the responsible and culturally appropriate use of Australian native foods and in particular, the ethical treatment of animals in the food chain. Above all, he is an advocate of simple produce driven cooking.

Ambassador for:

  • Animals Asia Foundation
  • The Animal Welfare League, SA
  • RSPCA Choose Wisely Campaign
  • Premium Food and Wine from South Australia’s Clean Environment
  • Meat free week
  • Adelaide Bee Sanctuary
  • Australian International year of pulses

Patron of Cheesefest

Awards and Presentations Include:

  • 2008 Restaurant and Catering Association (SA)- Chef of the year
  • 2007 Hotel Management Magazine Awards Excellence- Executive Chef of the Year
  • 2014 The Advertiser Food Awards- Vittoria Coffee, Adelaide Food Legend

Sustainable Design with Sustainability House

10:45am – 11:15am & 12:45pm – 1:15pm

sust-house-image-from-websiteSustainability House is a nationally recognised provider of energy efficiency assessments and ecologically sustainable design (ESD) services for commercial and residential buildings.

They are specialists in providing thermal modeling, simulation and energy analysis across all climate zones in Australia, to demonstrate the energy efficiency performance of the built environment.

Their team undertakes building thermal performance modeling, energy efficiency simulation, and offers sustainable design advice, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and lighting design.

As a client, you can tap into their extensive industry knowledge and understanding of industry regulations to provide solutions to assist you with your building design and energy efficiency requirements.

Recycled Interiors with Helen Edwards

1pm – 2pm


Helen is an ex-counsellor and charity founder, turned award winning writer, blogger, podcaster and speaker. An online pioneer, she first began supporting people via the internet in 2001 and is now one of Australia’s top bloggers and a published author. Her blog, Recycled Interiors, is the number 1 sustainable living blog in Australia via Catablog. A passionate and genuine lover of people and planet, my aim is to inspire and educate people to make changes in their lives to be more sustainable and tread more lightly on the earth – creating a home and a life you love while caring for your health, wellbeing and our planet. She was an Australia of the Year state finalist in 2016 and a Telstra Business Women’s Award state finalist in 2015. Recycled Interiors and the Sustainable Home Hub are your go-to resource for being sustainable, healthy and happy at home.

Helen will cover topics such as:

  • Simple steps to a more sustainable home 
  • Layers of sustainable decorating
  • Healthy planet, healthy people, healthy home. The connections between health and home.
  • What is upcycling?
  • How to take a mindful approach at home

Plants For a Changing Climate with Trevor Nottle

11am – 12pm


Trevor Nottle is an internationally renowned author and speaker, best known for his expertise and passion for Summer-dry gardens, a gardening style suited to the Mediterranean climate zones of the world including South Australia.

At the 2016 Sustainable Living Festival he will be presenting a light-hearted and informative talk covering topics from his book ‘Plants for a Changing Climate’, including;

  • Zoned planting as a means of conserving water
  • Choosing plants from similar climate regions
  • Adapting design concepts to suit climatic conditions

Trevor will explain how all these factors can be brought together and propose a fresh approach to garden making that best suits our South Australian conditions.

Trevor lives in Crafers in the Adelaide hills. In addition to giving talks around the world (including California, Greece, Italy Spain, France, New Zealand and Australia). Trevor has written more than 17 gardening books including three newer titles covering climate variability and climate compatible practices for home gardeners and landscape designers: ‘Gardens of the Sun’, ‘Plants for Mediterranean Climate Gardens’ and ‘Plants for a Changing Climate’. Trevor’s latest book Endless Pleasure – exploring and collecting among the byways of gardens and gardening was published in October 2015. Trevor has studied Garden History at the University of Adelaide, holds a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture (University of Adelaide) and is a local Research Scholar at the National Climate Change Adaptation Facility. He is the founder of Heritage Roses – Australia, a foundation member of the Mediterranean Garden Society (intl.) and the Australian Garden History Society. Trevor is a volunteer at Carrick Hill Gardens and Mt Barker Urban Forest and Arboretum.

Natural Burials with Smithfield Memorial Park

11:45am – 11:15pm


Despite huge advances in modern medicine the mortality rate continues to be 100%.
In our age of sustainable living people are beginning to explore sustainable dying.
How can you make your last act on earth make a difference to the planet?

When it comes to funerals we think we have just two options: coffin burial or cremation.
Most people don’t know Natural Burials exist and if they do, are not sure on the details.
Natural burials offer the community a sustainable final resting place that is a joy to visit ensure minimal disturbance to and longevity for the natural bushland environment mean no headstone, no embalming, no coffin, and no ‘six feet under’ encourage the family to have a more hands-on role. Known as ‘Pilyu Yarta’ – the Kaurna term for “peaceful ground” – the process sees people interred in a biodegradable casket, or shroud, with their remains returning to the earth naturally. Smithfield Memorial Park will be presenting a talk that will cover the process, law, history and environmental impact of Natural Burials in South Australia. It will also engage your imagination about what is possible to express your sustainability values in both life and death.

Healthy You, Healthy Community with
Kerry Cleopatra from Waking up Wellbeing

2pm – 3pm


Kerry is the founder of eKoo, energy & organics – creating authentic skincare, aromatherapy and herbal tea’s – with a totally natural and organic ethos. She has been teaching and facilitating ‘Waking Up Wellbeing’ workshops for almost 20 years now.  She is a passionate health, nutrition & soul coach, energy practitioner, ‘Earth Mother’ and mother of 2 awesome kids!

Kerry’s talk is designed to inspire people rather than overwhelm. Come join in the conversation at the Sustainable Living Festival:

  • Learn how to reduce consumption – without feeling deprived
  • Improve your health – without so much confusion and stress.
  • Enjoy the process of change and health – on your terms!
  • Get some insight into emotional influence, consumerism and your choices.
  • Practical tips for personal and home care products, buying & preparing whole food.

Sustainable Homes and Gardens with
John Boland and Chris Byrant

10 am – 11am

john-and-chris-image2-for-website John Boland is Professor of Environmental Mathematics at University of South Australia, specialising in stochastic modelling of renewable energy and water supply systems. His PhD was in modelling heat flows in houses, which led him on a path towards work in energy efficient housing and understanding the impact of solar radiation and temperature on the thermal comfort of homes.

Chris Bryant is a part time research assistant, former registered nurse, and an accredited Permaculture Designer. She has been in charge of the garden design features that will be focussed on in this workshop.

Together, they produce 30% of their food from their garden which also acts as climate control, habitat for frogs, birds and lizards, sanctuary and place for enjoyment. On the side, they also manage a rural property in Monarto, where they are custodians for several rare and threatened plant species, including one on the nationally endangered species list.  Over thirty years, they have made it into a private conservation park.

At the Sustainable Living Festival John and Chris will share photos of their property and discuss design features, including how they have used Permaculture design principles. They will also talk about the diversity of produce in Adelaide’s climate, dealing with large quantities of produce in a short time period and ecosystem microclimate effects of the plants producing the food.

You can listen to these wonderful guest speakers and see a range of local stall holders at the Sustainable Living Festival Sunday 6 November 2016 10am – 3pm at 8 Adelaide Road, Gawler South 5118 South Australia.