Introducing GAEN

The Greater Adelaide Environment Network (GAEN) is an alliance of nine community-based Environment (or Natural Resource) Centres operating across the Greater Adelaide area.

The Network is led by a Steering Group of volunteers from various centres, including Chairpersons and Centre Coordinators.

Our collective impact, which extends back over the past 25 years, has been significant, with over 20,000 participant attendances and over 400 events held annually. With a commitment to develop community skills and resilience, our centres conduct workshops and information sessions on everything from local biodiversity and sustainable land management practices, to recycling and waste diversion. We run annual native plant sales, coordinate revegetation projects, support community gardens, run sustainable living festivals and a wide variety of other innovative environmental and community development initiatives.

The GAEN represents the collective action by all participating centres to secure adequate ongoing funding into the future in order to provide events, services and information to our communities. For more information about the GAEN and what we as a collective provide, please check out our website.