Date & Time: 
Thu 3 Feb 2022, 9.30am-10.30am
and/or Sat 5 Feb 2022, 5pm-6pm
Location: Gawler East, Meet at the northern end near Rebbeck Court/Phillips Ave
Further information:  
Contact project manager Adrian Shackley on or 0429004363

Join volunteers from Gawler Environment & Heritage Association for a walk around on site to look at progress and discuss future activities.

About 2 years ago a project to restore native grassland on 1.7 ha of the Gawler Council owned powerline reserve between Phillips Avenue and Calton Road commenced after Gawler Environment & Heritage Association received a $20,000 Commonwealth Communities Environment grant.

Nearby local residents were informed via letterboxes about the project and an email news system put in place for people who provided an email. An initial site meeting occurred, 20 people attended to find out about the project. The project has been helped greatly by local volunteers with hand planting and weeding over the last 18 months.

So far GEHA volunteers have undertaken a lot of weed control (especially Caltrop, Wireweed, Galenia, Gazania, 3 Corner Jack, Couch, Potato Weed and Soursob – spraying and hand chipping.  Site prepared & direct seeded about 20kg of native grassland seed.  Hand planted 7000 plants from tubes.  About 100 species planted to date with about 90 species already established.  About 10 species spreading naturally so far.

Plans for future years include more direct seeding to improve diversity of plants and more tube planting to cover gaps, especially from rabbits and introduce more species.  Plus irregular slashing and watering.

Good news is seed eating native birds such as Red-rump parrots and Crested pigeons are currently enjoying the good seed set and quite a few small native lizards have taken up residence. Still waiting for seed eating Red-brow finches and Diamond-tail finches to appear. Ants and bugs are doing very well.

Feel free to walk over site – no problem with damaging grassland area.  Let us know any sightings of birds, insects, reptiles etc.  Photos help with insects especially.