Date: Sat 15 June 2024
Time: 9.30am-12.00pm
New Location: Gawler Elderly Centre, 37 Fourteenth St, Gawler South
Bookings: No bookings required, just drop in

Repair Cafes provide a free meeting space where community members can work with skilled volunteers to repair items that would otherwise go to waste. Our volunteers have skills in mending (clothing & textiles), electrical repairs (small appliances), costume jewellery repairs, general repairs (mechanical/woodwork) and simple bike repairs. Services are provided free of charge but customers can choose to make a small donation to support the service if they wish.

Most attendees get to see a repairer straight away but coffee, tea and cake are provided to keep you occupied if you do need to wait.

Dates for the rest of the year:
Sat 17 Aug 2024
Sat 19 Oct 2024
Sat 14 Dec 2024

How it all Works

– The repair café philosophy is to teach people how to undertake the repair themselves if possible. For that reason we ask that attendees sit with the repairer while the repair is taking place, so they can observe the process and have a go at it themselves.
– All repairs are conducted at the discretion of the repairer; if the repairer isn’t comfortable with conducting the repair, it won’t be undertaken. Items must be in a clean condition for repairers to examine them, textile items must be washed before you bring them in.
– There are some items it isn’t possible to repair at the café e.g. microwave ovens and TVs retain charge and it is dangerous to attempt to repair them. Anything containing dangerous substances such as asbestos and lead is also out. We are unable to do repairs that require larger “shed” type equipment e.g. welding. And some items are too tricky to take apart and put back together again, like toasters, sound systems, and of course computers.
– Repairers will fix one item per attendee. If there is time they may be able to look at a second item for you, but this will depend on whether others are waiting.
– For clothing and textiles we do mending/repairs not alterations. E.g. we can help you darn a hole in a jumper, or repair a rip in a pair of trousers. If you have items of clothing that need to be taken up or in, that is a job for a professional alterations service. We are also unable to make items of clothing.
– Our repairers are skilled volunteers. They will try their best to fix your item but there are no guarantees.

If you would like any further information, or if you are interested in becoming a Repair Café volunteer, please contact GEC Coordinator Kathy on 8524 6265 or

Gawler Environment Centre is grateful for the support provided to this project by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science through the Communities Environment Program. 

Repair Cafe List: Adelaide and Surrounds

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