Welcome to the SALA2020 – Pushing Up Daisies digital exhibition of our decorated eco coffins and shrouds from the inaugural Eco Coffin Project.

What to wear for my natural burial?

The exhibition features eco-coffins and shrouds created by participants in the Eco Coffin Project. These powerful personal works of art and love raise questions about sustainable death and raise awareness of natural burial.

Climate change motivates us to live a more sustainable life but what about a sustainable death? What is the impact on the environment of what happens to your body when you die? Currently 70% of Australians are choosing cremation which burns non-renewable natural gas and emits toxins. Is there a better way? The exhibition of eco-coffins and shrouds is the culmination of an arts-based, social change research project raising awareness of natural burial in SA, the only state to have natural burial in its legislation!

You will be amazed at the beautiful art which will take on even more depth and meaning when you hear the artists’ stories that inspired their creations.

Introducing the Eco Coffin Project Artists:

Click on their name to view their work and read their stories

Exhibition @ Gawler Civic Centre

You can view the works in person where they are being displayed in the Niina Marni Cafe at the Gawler Civic Centre, Murray St, Gawler. The exhibition will run from Monday 3 August to Thursday 27 August from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.