Sustainable Living Festival: Sun 27 Oct 2019

Sun 27 Oct - hold the date - Gawler Environment Centre is proud to present the Sustainable Living Festival again in 2019! The Festival will feature exciting guest presenters, including foodie Simon Bryant from Dirty Depot and the Cook and the Chef, Almost zero eco-blogger Niki Wallace, beekeeper extraordinaire Mademoiselle Bee, plus a range of … Continue reading Sustainable Living Festival: Sun 27 Oct 2019

Recycling aluminium foil

Aluminium Foil Single sheets/pieces of al foil are too small to be recycled on their own. To recycle al foil: Collect al foil and scrunch it into a ball the size of your fist When the ball is large enough, place it in the yellow lid recycling bin

Recycling @ NAWMA

The Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority (NAWMA) accept many waste items at their waste transfer station located at Gate 3 Bellchambers Road, Edinburgh North. Some recyclable items are also accepted free of charge, including: Polystyrene Soft plastics Cardboard Steel/metal Paint tins (still containing paint- empty tins go into your recycling bin at home) Waste oil (including … Continue reading Recycling @ NAWMA